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    All mighty powderchaser god,

    It’s going to storm in the North East this weekend. There are huge discrepancies in the forcast. NWS saying little accumulation in southern Vermont, while weather.com and wunderground.com saying that there will be almost 20″ on the ground by saturday morning. Powderchaser god, what do you say, where will it snow the most in the North East this weekend.



    Central and southern VT and central and southern western NH look to do best with this storm. NWS has significant totals in SVT as well as most of the spine through central and almost northern VT, with even higher amounts in WNH. Killington may be your best bet for new/terrain quality combo, though there may be some heavier totals further south or SE in WNH. If you have a favorite resort in that area they will likely do best. Temps are marginal though, it will be elevation dependent, and the quality may be heavy especially down low. A general 6-12 is a safe bet for central and southern NH/VT with the possibility of a few summits exceeding those totals.

    Powderchaser Luke

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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