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    I was suppose to be headed to Revy for my 35th birthday Feb 24th weekend, but life gave us some twists and we had to reschedule. Whats your opinion on Revy, Red Mountain CAT/HELI skiing end of March? I know they have been getting pounded now, wondering if end of March is still a good time to go, or if we should wait till next year?!

    Sarah Olschlager



    We don’t see any reason that the pattern changes however really can’t provide accuracy that far out. Can u ping me again in 2 weeks? Pcs



    Yeah I can do that! Bummer is we need to buy tickets, and buying with miles and the longer we wait the more likely the mileage tickets disapear, but I know its hard to tell from now! I was more wondering if in years past or in general if end march is a decent time to go??

    Second question! Next weekend….Whitefish, Bigsky, or Jackson?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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