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    Coming your way from Pittsburgh. We got skunked the last 2 years with a last minute trip out west. Any indications for some freshies during this time frame? Jackson, Utah, Colorado??

    Thanks in advance



    It’s looking like the weather pattern that has been in place all winter will continue into that week (ie – avoid Utah and Colorado). Jackson looks to get dumped on the right at the beginning of your window, otherwise the NW and northern rockies are your best bet (ID, MT, interior BC)



    There will be a good storm for the Cascades of Washington on Tuesday (30th). Can you ride that day? I would aim for Seattle and chase the storm from there. Unfortunately high pressure may take hold after that. The Tetons may get leftovers the next day or perhaps southern Montana. I can’t guarantee deep in the Rockies but the PNW storm on the 30th moves into the northern zones of the Rockies on the 31st. Please donate on Powderchasers.com if you get pow or want custom forecasts.

    Powderchaser Steve

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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