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    Powder Steve, this is powder Jesus. I can’t sleep with all these uncertain snow numbers for telluride. What are the chances we get a good snow Saturday and Sunday? You are my hero so a quick response before I go to bed would be appreciated.



    Hi Powder Jesus

    You should be able to arrange powder at your discretion just by clicking your fingers! Hey, I am bullish for Crested Butte Saturday (5-12). Late Saturday snow should move into Telluride. My gut is 5-9 inches late Saturday through Sunday. Telluride is a tricky spot to forecast. They like N or NW winds. on Saturday the winds are from the West. I think the winds will shift late tomorrow in your favor. It looks like it is snowing there lightly right now. The models this morning showed decent odds of a telluride dump. My confidence is 51%. Hope that helps. Sunday might be a powder day or late Saturday. Please donate for POW

    Powder Steve

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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