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    Whatsup Guys. Big fan of the site! First time asking a question

    Just booked a trip to Steamboat for March 1-5th (wed – sunday)

    I see that the Jet stream is starting to dip South, is this going to effect the temps late feb / early march?

    What are my chances of getting a Champagne Powder day?????

    so nervous were going to arrive and see nothing but ICE / Slush



    Steamboat is great! The long range models don’t have any accuracy that I would comment on that far out. I can take good educated guesses 2-3 weeks out but over 3-4 weeks can change drastically. From Steamboat the good thing is that if you ended up chasing powder the drive time to I-70 resorts is only 1.5 hours and even to Utah 4.5 hours. It’s well located. You could easily hit powder in many directions. Steamboat is a great resort (Some of the best tree skiing on shadows and closet) with lots of fun things to do in town. Can you repost to me in another few weeks and we can take better guesses for you. 7-10 days out get better on accuracy. 3 days out is pretty accurate.

    Powderchaser Steve




    Im Back! 16 days away, I know Im early but I’m getting antsy over here!

    I have Ski’d the Boat twice before, and have never ever gotten a powder day.

    with the warm weather coming in, and it seems the snow is being pushed toward’s the san juan area.. Im hoping for some good news.

    What are the chances I will see some snow March 1st – 5/6th





    is anyone there?



    I will do my best. I looked at the GFS ensembles (Long range). They are only a clue at this point and can change outside of 7 days. There is a positive signal of deep low pressure digging directly down from BC through all of the Rockies (Not the coast but instead low pressure from Montana through to Colorado). Deeper lows may impact the areas to the north but right now your odds of snow are good from March1-5! If I were forced to make long range plans early (Could not wait to the 7 day mark) I think you will get snow. Its really never in stone until 3-5 days out in my opinion. Long range trend for your week is very positive! Please feed our bank if this helps or if you get Powder? Fee free to re post again in 5 days and we can respond.




    Hey Powderchasers,

    Any chance we’re going to get more snow in Steamboat this week?? I’ll be there tomorrow through Sunday.

    Thanks so much for the response in advance! Feeding the bank as we speak!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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