Taking trip 3-08 thru 3-15. Revelstoke? Baker? Other?

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    Hi I am looking at taking a trip Mar 8 thru the 13th and I am wondering what the trend looks like for Revelstoke. It almost looks to my untrained eye that it is going to get warmer and dryer, but I am unsure. I know its hard to predict a storm that far out, but does it look like the snow is going to continue? If not Revelstoke, does Baker look any better? Should I look further south? Thank you!



    Hi Kwilder: I normally provide custom updates and trip planning to this that hit the “Donate” button for the sock and $50 promotion. I will answer you questions here but would always appreciate the love. Those folks get updates continuously from our emails. The short answer is that March 8th is too far out for good confidence. Moderate confidence seems to favor the PNW over interior BC. The Cascades may get some storms starting March 7th. There is some high pressure before that period. After March 7 low pressure returns to the west but it’s hard to nail exactly where it sets up. My guess is that things start in the PNW and drop south and east. Even Sierra, or northern Rockies may come out ahead. Temps appear to be cool so not worried about snow levels yet. Can you book flights 5 days out or use Southwest where you can make changes without a penalty?




    Thanks! I donated $25 earlier, wicked impressed with the fact that you answered my question in under 15 minutes, so I’ll add another $25 donation to make it$50. You earned it!

    Thinking I might fly to Seattle and plan on a day of driving if its going to make a huge difference in snow amounts. Thanks again for the help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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