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    Rumors of El Nino 2015-2016 and epic dumps have me questioning my powderchasing base for the year. I’m an east coaster who drives cross country and stays in Jackson January through March chasing powder around the Northern Rockies. Last year was a bit of a bummer, and now with rumors of El Nino I’m thinking I relocate my base town for the season. Thoughts?

    I’ve considered Crested Butte, SLC, or Durango. Although I’m flexible for a new location each month. Thoughts on where the action might be beginning and end of season. I love a deep powder day in the backcountry. Any thoughts on Jackson as a base or should I abandon my mountain in search of freshies elsewhere? Thanks!



    Based on history I would think about Salt Lake only since you could chase to Tahoe in 12 hours (Reno is a good cheap base) as well as 4.5 hours to Jackson, and if necessary 8 hours to Durango. Denver could make a good base as well but you would miss opportunity to chase to the Sierra. So far El Nino has shown preference for southern resorts including Mammoth who just got 20 inches and Wolf Creek who according to our forecast is about to grab 20 PLUS. The interesting thing however is that Jackson just picked up a decent dump (UP HIGH ONLY) and another good storm is in the models next week. 14 day models show systems dropping down from the Cascades over the Sierra as well. Next week looks good for Jackson, Wasatch and northern Colorado. Beyond that we see Decent odds at for the Sierra and southern zones of Colorado. I think you can’t go wrong at this point with the San Juans (Silverton, Wolf Creek, Taos Telluride wild card). 2nd pick might be the Sierra. Jackson is a wildcard and with the warmer temps this year I would not be surprised if they had good snow on top but some issues down low? I hope I am wrong since I chase the Tetons often! Can you make a last minute decision on this? If you fly to SLC you can pretty much go anywhere. Please consider a donation to our site. PCS

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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