Teasing light to moderate snow on tap for the Rockies this week favoring northern areas. The PNW gets deep by Saturday that eventually increases your odds of moderate powder for the Rockies later this weekend into next week. Things will be even deeper for the Rockies by Monday or Tuesday as several systems roll into the Pacific Northwest favoring Oregon and southern Washington. Several feet will fall in the Cascades through Sunday. You can chase from the PNW to the Rockies. Or, hang in the Rockies with each storm over the next 5 days being progressively stronger.


Light snow continued to fall as forecasted for the northern Panhandle of Idaho last night (5-7 inches at upper elevations per snow telemetry).  Temps in the Cascades are lower Wednesday morning with 9 inches being reported by Stevens Pass overnight (The Telemetry shows 6-7 overnight with storm totals at 11 inches in the past 24 hours so I suspect this is an error on the website) Temps are dropping into the lower to mid 20's this morning so the light to moderate snow that fell overnight in the Cascades will be lighter albeit not perfect.  Heavy wet snow is waiting beneath in many areas that were not open yesterday.  As forecasted some convergence zones set up over I-90 and areas north to Stevens.  The deepest snow fell over Snoqualmie and Alpental where telemetry shows 11-12 inches overnight (Cooling and westerly winds created isolated convergence zones of moisture setting up on the western side of the mountain ranges). 

Meanwhile if you are up in Revelstoke 10 inches fell overnight with 16 in the past 24 hours.  High Avalanche danger will likely delay or keep some of the upper bowls closed today.  That's most likely the best spot to be in this morning. 

The models show light to moderate snow continuing for the Cascades this week so expect each day to improve freshening the medium to heavy density that fell earlier in the week.  

The Rockies continue to get weakened leftovers aimed at the Tetons extending into the Wasatch.  The models are weaker for the Wasatch 2-5 into Thursday, and another 2-5 into Friday than yesterday's runs (The upper numbers are for the highest peaks).  The Tetons are in slightly better scoring position Wednesday (3-6) and again Thursday morning (3-6). Snow began falling around 5:30 AM in the Tetons so perhaps last chair Wednesday will offer your freshest lines.  1st Chair Thursday will offer a moderate refresh.

Some of the moisture form the Pacific Northwest drops into the Sierra on Thursday for a quick 4-7 inches for many areas in Tahoe.  The northern areas are favored, perhaps N. of Interstate 80 (picking up higher amounts).  Watch Sugar Bowl for Thursday morning. 


The trend is for  a much wetter and colder period in the extended forecast, especially for the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies.  Deep moisture will stream off the Pacific on Friday/Saturday with snow levels in the Cascades increasing from 2,000 feet to around 2700-3,000 Friday night  before dropping slightly on Saturday.  Moderate to heavy snowfall will favor the central and southern Cascades of Washington and the entire range in Oregon.  Moderate to heavy snow will also be falling in the northern Panhandle albeit lighter than the western Cascades.  Another wave of moderate or heavy snow will hit the Cascades on Sunday once again favoring southern areas of WA and most of Oregon.  A brief break in the action early Monday for the PNW leads to yet another system aimed at Oregon. 

In the Rockies action intensifies for the northern areas including central Idaho, Tetons and Wasatch Saturday/Sunday.  The additional systems that are hitting the NW will move into the Rockies Monday-Tuesday with relatively deep events.  Colorado will also do well in the next week pattern favoring the Western side of the Divide. 

Below: Total snowfall through Tuesday next week (Includes the teasers this week).  The Cascades will be deepest, but respectable amounts for the Wasatch ,Tetons, northern Montana, Panhandle, and Colorado especially late this weekend into early next week. 


Enjoy the powder everyone.  Please sign up for the Concierge if you want to chase powder and receive custom forecasts. It also supports Powderchasers. 

Powderchaser Steve 


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