Yesterday was a complete score for anyone that hit the Cottonwoods early! 17-inch storm totals evolved from Little Cottonwood with Big Cottonwood not far behind. Warm temps and increasing avalanche danger shut down steep terrain by mid-morning at some areas while the sun is out this morning (Baked powder). The next 5 days will see a significant warm-up for the west with a chance of snowfall for the Front Range resorts on Sunday/Monday in Colorado.


I was never bullish for Colorado in my last few posts, but it appears the skunk arrived as moisture skirted north and south of the State.  Only 1 model yesterday morning showed any hope for snowfall for the Front Range resorts (GFS).  I mentioned a decaying system from the Wasatch would move into Colorado but was a bit surprised to see 0 inches.  The Wasatch delivered while Colorado got shut out! 

As my season weans there is not much to talk about this morning.  OH WAIT!  The GFS is bullish (Again) for the Front Range for Sunday/Monday.  N or NE winds may offer some hope, cooler temps after seeing '70s for the Lower elevations Saturday.  Snow may arrive as early as Sunday morning and may continue into Monday.   The Euro is less optimistic showing light or moderate amounts.  The GFS is saying \Winter is back\" but screwed us on the last forecast.  The main issue is the temperatures.  Temps will remain \"Spring Like\" and keep most snowfall above 9,000-10,000 feet. Dense pow is what you may need at this time of year!  At Snowbird yesterday, it came in heavy but just a few degrees drop early morning and another 4-8 inches of snow made for bottomless full on cushion.  

Below: Temps cool along the Front Range (-3C at 10K) Sunday while the mountains west are on the warm side (Above freezing at 10K). It's possible that the Continental Divide stay on the cooler side (Loveland Ski Area).  Nothing is impressive temperature wise but what can we expect on April 22nd. You won't be getting a cold deep storm. 


There is a glimmer of hope for some deep cream below for the Front Range (Using the most optimistic model).  Timestamp- Monday morning (Snow will be falling Sunday-Monday).  Confidence is low at this point due to the model discrepancy.  The Euro wants to keep amounts in the 4-6 inch range.  The outlying GFS is much higher below. 



In looking at the long term ensembles high pressure is likely to take hold mid to late next week.  Of interest of a wet pattern setting up for the west late in the month.  At some point around April 27th, a trough may enter the California coast and spread moisture inland into the Rockies for the late April to early May timeframe.  The temperature anomalies appear to cool in the Sierra but stay warm in the Rockies.  Let's hope for another double-digit powder day!  My birthday is on May 3rd.  Of all the years past, I can remember riding powder on several of them usually at Loveland Ski Area. 

Below:Moisture may enter the Sierra at some point around April 27/28. 


Below:Ensembles bringing moisture into the Rockies at some point around April 29-30


Enjoy the powder everyone (Opening terrain in the Wasatch).  I'm biking today in Boulder! 

Powderchaser Steve

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