We are on the chase right now but wanted to give you a quick update on the snow for the next few days. For the near term, we have the storm track shifting north, with the deepest snow falling in Montana and Washington. The northern half of the western US should remain in the path of the storm for the next week or so as well. We're also thrilled to see some solid snow totals in Colorado, where up to 20\ fell in the last day and a half. 

There are definitely some solid chase options the next few days, as the storm is imminent for Washington, Idaho and Montana. Snowfall will begin tonight in all of these regions, and pile up pretty quickly. In Washington, Mount Baker and Steven's Pass will start seeing snow this afternoon, and be deep in the morning, with 8-12\" after lifts close. The Cascades of central and southern Washington won't be quite as deep, but will see solid snowfall as well. A second round of snowfall will move through this region Saturday into Sunday as well with similar, but perhaps a little lower, snowfall totals as well. Northern Utah will get in on the action too.

Check out the precipitation anomalies the next five days. You can see the storm track favoring the northern part of the western US, while keeping the southern half dry.


(image courtesy of Weatherbell)

Central Idaho is next in line, with some big totals in the northern interior. Lookout Pass and Silver Mountain will benefit from this storm track, with totals in the 12-18 inch range by Sunday. Silver would be a good choice tomorrow morning.

Montana is definitely going to get deep by the end of weekend. From Montana Snowbowl to Showdown Mountain, Teton Pass and Bridger through Big Sky, it will be snowing most of the time from tonight through Sunday. The deepest totals by the end of the weekend should be at Montana Snowbowl, Bridger Bowl, and Showdown, where over 2 feet is possible at upper elevations by the end of Sunday. Whereas at Montana Snowbowl and Showdown it will likely not be too deep during any overnight, but rather consistently accumulate most the day, Bridger Bowl could provide deeper overnight options tonight and Saturday night. 5-10\" overnight are possible each of these days. Whitefish, Discovery, Great Divide, and pretty much every resort in Montana will get in on the action this weekend. Wooooo.

The Tetons are in a good position for significant snowfall in this pattern as well. The snow will start accumulating tonight and last through most of the weekend. The winds alternate between SW and NW, as several waves of energy move through the area, and thus at different times Jackson will be favored over Targhee and vice versa. By the end of the day Sunday, both resorts should be over 2 feet at mid and upper elevations. Best overnight totals will likely be tonight and Saturday night, where 7-11\" are possible while the lifts aren't spinning. It's looking like a great period to be there.

Northern Utah will see some snow out of this too, with Beaver Mountain in the best position with this northerly storm track. The Cottonwoods will do alright as well, likely finishing up in the 5-10\" range.

Below are the GFS snow totals through the end of the day Sunday. Remember, temperatures with this storm are pretty cold, so all of these totals need to be multiple by ~1.5 as the snow to liquid ratios will be around 15:1 or higher for Idaho, Monatana, and Wyoming. NOICE!

After this weekend, it looks like most of these areas will see a small break, with perhaps some minor snowfall in Colorado early in the week. The break won't last long though, as the storm track sags a little farther south. See below:


(image courtesy of Weatherbell)

It's too early to say for sure, but this may allow the Sierra and Utah as well as Colorado to get some deeper totals. More details later.

Alright, we have a decision to make ourselves. Not sure where we will be tomorrow yet. Still got some time.

In the meantime, follow @lstone84 on instagram for footage from our recent chases!

Until next time,


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