What an amazing past 48 hours! Nearly every ski area in Colorado reported double digits this morning! As I said in my post a few days ago \You can't get skunked or Joel will fire me\". Its still dumping 2-3 inches per hour at Vail (10 additional inches during the day) and further west at Beaver Creek. Breckenridge looks to This is day 2 of double digits for me (11-14 at Steamboat yesterday, 21 inches at Vail today). If I want to score a TRIFECTA, the only option for double-digit overnight snow is in the northern San Juans. Even Utah finally scored a legit powder day with 5-10 inches being reported in many areas near Salt Lake. More moisture streams in with warm air midweek with a solid cold front by Friday.

Snow showers are continuing proving all models correct (20-30 inches on the Plumes I shared yesterday) over much of central and southern Colorado.  Radar echoes seem the highest currently from along the I-70 corridor and areas south.  Snow cameras verify \"Epic\" amounts of snow with another 12-14 inches during the day at Breckenridge, 10 at Vail, and double digits at Beaver Creek.  

Last nights highlights:

Silverton: 24 inches

Wolf Creek: 20 inches

Loveland: 17 inches  (Some fell yesterday)

Highlands: 13 inches 

Eldora: 13 inches

Vail: 11 inches.  

It's safe to add another 10 inches to most of the numbers above especially along I-70 so we are looking at 2 feet in many areas as of 3 PM Sunday. EPIC EPIC EPIC conditions, with warm temps initially (Smooth pow)  followed by dry blower today. It's still snowing in many areas! 

Below: Powderchaser Steve - Vail Colorado- My Trustworthy 91 Audi Coupe. 


The bottom line for Colorado:   If your chasing powder, head south to the San Juans tonight.  Snow showers will continue in the northern mountains along I-70 (2-5) with decreasing intensity by the time the lifts close Sunday.  Temps are cooling significantly up north (Quality will remain good) with warmer temps in southern Colorado.  Cooler air and a moist NW flow will keep heavier snow showers going in the northern San Juans.  Telluride really does well with winds from the NW, so it's likely 7-10 inches will fall at upper elevations Sunday night.  Warmish temps may keep those amounts down at the bases. Remember I said \"Chase north to south this weekend\".  It's working out as planned, but who would ever have dreamed of 3 double-digit powder days in a row by simply chasing in 1 State (If Telluride scores tonight).   

Honorable Mention:    Utah finally scored! Park City once again pushed aside the Cottonwoods for snow totals (9 inches at PCMR) with Little Cottonwood not too far behind.  The southern mountains of Utah (Eagle Point, Brian Head) both scored around 10 inches. 

Snow is pretty much ending in Utah.  If you're in Colorado these orographic snow showers may add some surprises to the I-70 corridor (Models only pump out 3-5).  Judging by the intensity of the snow showers at press time you may score another decent powder day for Monday near I-70 (PM pow while the lifts were open, wind loading Sunday) plus another 3-5 tonight.  Deeper snow is likely over the northern San Juan range tonight. Some models push the highest amounts just south of Telluride perhaps Ophir or even Ouray).   The ski area should see 5-10 inches tonight. 


It's not over!  The next 7 days shows a warm, wet storm for the Sierra moving into Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and perhaps Montana midweek (Cooler temps in MT). SW winds may favor the 4 corners slightly but enough moisture will stream to the north by Wednesday.  What I like best, is a cold front that moves into the Sierra late next week and eventually into the Rockies by Friday.  There may be several opportunities to score deep dry density snowfall by Friday and Saturday. 

Ensembles for late next week in the West! 







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