Powderchaser Luke back in the forecasting seat again. Last time I was here, on January 2nd, I spoke of a very cold, very deep, snowy pattern arriving soon. Well, we are just about ready to get that period started. We've definitely seen some good snow this past week, with solid totals both in the Northwest and the Tetons. However, this is just the beginning, as much more snow and some serious cold temps are on the way. More on that later as well.

Short Term

We have a lot to talk about for the near term, as several storms are lined up to hit the Western US. Let's break is up by region/state to make this easiest to read. First, here's a gif of the storms barreling into the NW one after another over the next 5 days.


(Image courtesy of Tropical Tidbits)


Over the next 5 days, the focus will certainly be on the Northwest (woo!). Several storms are poised to strike this region, with BC, Washington, Oregon, and N. ID all seeing significant snow during this time. We'll take it storm by storm, the first of which will start impacting Coastal BC and Western Washington Friday morning to afternoon. The moisture will quickly reach interior BC, Northern Oregon, and Northern Idaho as well. 1 -3 FEET can be expected in these regions during that time. Then, around Saturday evening, another storm will move through, with a second round of heavy snow, with similar additional totals. Finally, there will be a third wave that will likely be farther South that will move through around Monday. This is a very active and snowy period.


The Rockies will see significant snowfall from these same storms, albeit not quite as heavy for the most part. The Tetons, Wasatch, and Colorado will get in the action as these storms traverse the Western part of the country. Snow should begin on Saturday in the Tetons and Wasatch, and likely continue through Tuesday or even Wednesday, w/ several feet possible. For the first part of the storm this weekend though, expect 8-16\" in Wyoming and Utah, with isolated higher totals, and less in Colorado.  As mentioned, the snow will continue as another storm begins to effect the central Rockies right on the heels of the first. More details to come on that in a later post.

Long Term 

The pattern looks to remain active through the third week of the month. Beyond that, the models are less confident that the storms will continue in the West. There is definitely some potential but we need more time to iron out those details.

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