We are on the chase in Sun Valley, where 44\ of snow has piled up since Tuesday night. Yesterday was one of the deepest days we've ever had, and today should be even deeper. This will be a quick chase update. 


We have several more storms to track over the next week, and we will briefly summarize them this morning. The storm that has pounded the Sierra will finally move from its stalled position off the California coast, bringing moderate snowfall to Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. Today through Saturday, these regions will see 4 to 8 inches of new snow. Below is the total snowfall through next Friday:


(image courtesy of Weatherbell)

Right on its heels will be yet another storm, packing a packing a pretty good follow up punch. Washington, Oregon, and Idaho will see moderate snowfall from this storm from Sunday to Monday, before the storm intensifies and moves inland. Once again mother nature has placed the bullseye on the Sierra. Up to 8 FEET of snow has already fallen in the Sierra, with Mammoth Mountain seeing the deepest totals, and even more snow will fall early next week. The Sierra will get pasted again from Tuesday to Wednesday, with totals up to 2 feet in these recently buried Sierra resorts. Zero to hero has never been more true. This storm will pack some strong winds and initially warmer temps. The timing of the cold front dsnt look ideal for chasing but if it comes a few hours earlier it could be worthy. 

This storm will move inland and produce another moderate snowfall event for Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado, in the 5 to 10 inch range. This event will start early Wednesday and last through Thursday. 

Following this storm the West will see a break in the action. Folks in the Sierra will finally have time to dig out. The next storm looks to move into the West on the weekend of the the 6th, likely with a more northern track. If this storm track holds, it will primarily impact the rockies, sparing the Pacific Northwest and the Sierra for once. Here is the possible upper level pattern for next weekend:


(image courtesy of Weatherbell)

More storms are likely following next weekend as well, with the pattern staying active through mid month. Beyond that there are some signs of a break in the action.

For videos of us riding the deep storm in Sun Valley, follow @lstone84 on instagram.

Enjoy the snow everyone!

Powderchaser Luke

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