Yesterday, I headed for Tahoe, euphoric, Woo hoo, 3-4 feet a certain bet for most ski areas near the Lake. Then, while 2 hours East of Reno \ding\" \"ding\" \"ding\" my phone went nuts with closures popping up by the hour. Snow keep falling overnight in Tahoe with 38 inches plus in Truckee. Most resorts in California shut down on Saturday after the lifts stopped spinning. I headed to Mount Rose Sunday with 21 inches at 6AM. Conditions were deep but wind impacted in many areas. This post is difficult to write with lots of snow to talk about with few resort options. Some smaller resorts remain open, and there are lots of hike options in the Backcountry. Let's live the rest of the winter chasing powder for the solidarity of the Backcountry or live vicariously or through memories of the season. Let's hope the CV remains under control. There are lots of uncertainties right now. The good news, is that this could have happened in December or January. What was really tough for me is that the plug got pulled during the largest dump of the season for Tahoe. Remember if you venture Into the Backcountry have the skills, training, and equipment so you can return late this season or early next to enjoy more powder days. This is not a farewell post! Let's keep the dreams alive. Posts will continue. A list of some open resorts is below (Not inclusive). 

Below:  5AM wake up call in Truckee CA. 45 inches as of 9PM Sunday and still snowing.  Photo: Powderchaser Steve



Snow is falling heavily once again in Tahoe.  Models are crushing out 12-20 inches Sunday night into Monday. This will favor all areas around the lake with slightly lower amounts on the East side (Mount Rose Highway).  Snow continues Monday albeit lightening intensities. 9-14 inches are likely for the Mammoth area. Significant snow will be likely by Monday morning.

If that is not enough, another burst of moderate or heavy snow pushes south over Mammoth Monday night into Tuesday. Light or moderate snow continues up north.  As of 3PM Sunday there were still 2 smaller resorts open near Mammoth. As of 5PM that ended. We believe that Mount Baldy near Los Angeles is open and snow will be falling Monday might or Tuesday. That might be the only area open in California? 

Below: Total snowfall for California through Tuesday morning.  The highest amounts focus mid lake or south through Monday and further south into Tuesday morning. Another 2 feet is likely! 

Snow pushes into the 4 corners midweek In the extended forecast of which some resorts are still open. Keep reading. 


Snow will be falling from northern Arizona, Southern Utah, and southern Colorado Wednesday-Thursday.  Early Wednesday might be a good move for powder at Brian Head or Eagle Creek (Open as of now). Arizona Snowbowl might be a good option for late Wednesday or Thursday morning (Still open). This looks to be a solid event with 9-15 inches or more. 

While I cant research every resort that is open, nor tell you what will happen this week I can list some that were listed as open per the websites.  It appears that most resorts in Canada are remaining open. 

1) Beaver Mountain- Utah

2) Powder Mountain-Utah

3) Brian Head- Utah

5) Sundance- Utah

6) Arizona Snowbowl- AZ

7) Mount Baldy- Southern CA

8) Montana Snowbowl- MT

10) Schweitzer-ID

11) Mission Ridge- (Closed to Thursday and will re-evaluate). 

12) Kicking Horse BC

13) Castle Mountain Alberta

14) Ski Lake Louise

15) Northway Alberta 

16) Banff Mountain- Alberta 

17) Mount Washington- Vancouver Island 

18) Revelstoke- BC 

This list is not inclusive of all areas nor can be trusted as things develop quickly. Always check the websites before venturing out. 


Enjoy the powder everyone or resort to Spring/Summer mode?  Take up some new winter sports, be careful in the Backcountry and most important stay healthy!  Keep skiing!  Take precautions!  Keep an eye on open resorts and the Chase Forecast. Some could reopen this season (I am not hopeful). I will update this post as conditions change.

Powderchaser Steve 

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