Good morning everyone!  Well, just when you think its clear sailing to drive back to Boulder from the mountains on a Tuesday, I got stuck behind the massive controlled slide in I-70 for over 7 hours at the Eisenhower tunnel.  I think that is a longer delay than anyone encountered Saturday, Sunday or Monday when it was dumping.  I scored a hidden spot at the tunnel working remotely for 7 hours and was the 1st car to proceed through when they opened to trucks only initially (My 91 Audi somehow hid from view).  Here is a pic I shot that does not do this justice.  My initial reaction was \OMG\" as the entire debris field of trees was huge.  The slide also took out the guardrails.   Kudos to CDOT for getting it cleared yesterday. 


Below:  Crested Butte Powder Cam picking up good snowfall this morning (Looks wet). 


In looking for powder, the models are going ballistic for Colorado for the next 24-36 hours, especially areas favored by SW flow.  The summits of Crested Butte, Aspen, Silverton and perhaps even Steamboat will see significant snowfall in the next 24-36 hours. All areas of north/central Colorado will see significant snow in the next 24-36 hours.  The peak intensity will be late Wednesday to Thursday.  Winds shift a bit more westerly by Thursday morning cranking out moderate to some heavy amounts over Summit and Eagle Counties (Beaver Creek, Breckenridge do well in this pattern). Total snowfall for Aspen, Crested Butte, and Silverton may exceed 2 feet (Summits only).  Total snowfall for Summit and Eagle County will likely be in the 12-17 inch range (Summits).   The Good:  Tons of moisture with 20-30 inches at the summits.  The Bad:  Warm temps, creamy but dreamy pow, mixed precip below 7,000 feet, and increasing AVY danger.   Steep terrain may not open at most areas Thursday due to the amount of heavy wet snow and mitigation results. 

Photo: Powderchaser Steve - I-70 after a 7-hour delay (Tuesday). The tree debris field was unimaginable and this shot does not compare to the real look. The snow jumped the highway completely burying both lanes. 


In Utah, the skunk hit LCC where up to 7 inches is on the telemetry for Solitude summits.  5 inches fell at Brighton.  The snow is wet and the temps are rising!  The Good?  Temps cool slightly tonight and Thursday with the models pushing in additional snow late Wednesday night.  You may be able to salvage your skunk by tomorrow but it won't be epic (5-8). 

The Sierra continues to ramp up the moisture totals with another 11-15 inches being reported at Mammoth this morning.  We forecasted the southern Sierra would win the game.  Temps are warming there also in the mid to upper 20's on the mountain tops.  I am sure it's a dreamy delight (Point it and go).  Additional snow will fall for the remainder of the week with the northern areas favored, 7,000-foot snow levels, dropping as the week progresses.   The conditions should continue to improve.  

The Tetons may offer a better choice than Utah with slightly cooler temps (Mid 20's at upper elevations versus the high 20's) and a solid fetch of snowfall late Wednesday to Thursday (5-8).  JHMR is favored over Targhee in this pattern, but sometimes the Ghee turns on the surprise cards.  

If you're in need of a blower pow day, of all odds, head to the Pacific Northwest where the snow levels are very low.  Light density snow moderate at times will bring 7-10 inches to most resorts favoring the central and southern Cascades of WA or northern Cascades of Oregon.  The Good: Cold temps and high quality.  The Bad: No single deep dump.  Ho Hum 2-4 inches here and there every 6-12 hours. 

In the extended (My extended is more short term than the other forecasters since to chase powder often is a 24-hour decision) things look colder for the most of the Rockies.  Friday looks promising for 5-10 inches of good quality powder for the Wasatch (mix of day snow late AM to early PM) that skirts into the Tetons and southern Montana.  Amounts north of the Tetons will be less.  The Tetons may approach the Wasatch on amounts but my gut tells me that UT edges then out slightly.   Colorado gets into the action Friday night into Saturday.  It's a quick moving system so high snow totals are possible where convection edges out the total moisture showing up on models.

Its Most likely a moderate event for Colorado.  Consider riding powder in Utah Friday and chasing the storm to Colorado for Saturday.   Snow may continue in the Wasatch into Friday night so Saturday but amounts will likely stay on the moderate side. If the storm slows down, then most snow in Utah will fall Friday afternoon to Saturday.  


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- Whistler/Blackcomb, BC - almost 3 feet of new snow during the beginning of Jan

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